GoPro Börsensoftware is a trading software catered to the German market. It began with a simple website with very minimal design. Our goal was to create a strong and convincing presence that inspires trust from new customers interested in the financial markets.

Visit www.gopro-bö

The Challenge

The stock trading software market is one that’s very tough and highly competitive. The website is the most important source for potential customers to gather information, therefore the website needed to be convincing.

The target group are German-speakers over the age of 40 years that are or potentially will invest in stocks. The new website needs have a lead generation process both simple and intuitive, effective yet unobtrusive.


Based on the customer persona of the target group, we decided on a sleek yet informative layout for the new website. Compared to the old site, the new website has a more user-friendly layout, listing the product’s USPs clearly after the header.

At the end of the page, a dedicated German customer support section in large text size was created.

Video tutorials were reorganized into one section with a button that leads to a subpage, instead of all videos displayed at once.

Overall, a stronger brand presence was provided to GoPro, including convincing evidence and clear arguments for the product.


After the new website was established, new leads that were gained through the website have a higher conversion rate and the new customers invest higher amounts of money into the stock market through the GoPro software.